Center Corridor Jessup Correctional Institution Sci Albion, Sci
Facilities Serviced: (MD) Baltimore City Detention Center, Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, Jessup Correctional Institution (Formerly Maryland House of Corrections - Annex), Maryland Correctional Institution - Jessup, Maryland Correctional Institution - Women's, Patuxent Correctional Institution, Metropolitan Transitional Center, Calvert County Detention Center, Howard County Detention Center, Baltimore County Detention Center, Baltimore City Correctional Center, Prince George's County Detention Center, Brockbridge Correctional Institution, Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center, Centennial Contractors, Central Laundry Facility, Cecil County Detention Center, Frederick County Detention Center, Harford County Detention Center, Ft. Meade Army Base, Maryland Correctional Enterprise (PA) Philadelphia Detention Center, SCI - Albion, SCI - Frackville, SCI - Mahanoy, SCI - Houtzdale, SCI - Pittsburgh, SCI - Pine Grove, Potter County Detention Center, Franklin County Detention Center (VA) Powhatan Correctional Center, Rappahannock Regional Jail, Stafford Regional Jail, James River Correctional Center, Arlington County Detention Center, Buckingham Correctional Institution, Dillwyn Correctional Center, Clark-Frederick-Winchester County Regional Detention Center, Loudoun County Detention Center, Mecklinburg Detention Center (WV) Martinsburg Correctional Center (NJ) Burlington County DOC, Paterson Public Safety Complex (NY) Goshen County Detention Center (KY) Jefferson County Jail (FL) Tomoka Correctional Institution (Other) Southern Steel Warranty
Jail and Detention Facilities Serviced Facilities We Have Serviced

Institutional Service and Sales, Inc. has provided emergency services, preventive maintenance, parts or custom fabrication to facilities on the eastern seaboard and beyond.

Maryland Facilities:

  • Baltimore City Detention Center
  • Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center
  • Jessup Correctional Institution (Formerly Maryland House of Corrections - Annex)
  • Maryland Corrrectional Institution - Jessup
  • Maryland Correctional Institution - Women's
  • Patuxent Correctional Institution
  • Metropolitan Transitional Center
  • Calvert County Detention Center
  • Howard County Detention Center
  • Baltimore County Detention Center
  • Baltimore City Correctional Center
  • Prince George's County Detention Center
  • Brockbridge Correctional Institution
  • Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center
  • Centennial Contractors
  • Central Laundry Facility
  • Cecil County Detention Center
  • Frederick County Detention Center
  • Harford County Detention Center
  • Ft. Meade Army Base
  • Maryland Correctional Enterprise
Pennsylvania Facilities:
  • Philadelphia Detention Center
  • SCI - Albion
  • SCI - Frackville
  • SCI - Mahanoy
  • SCI - Houtzdale
  • SCI - Pittsburgh
  • SCI - Pine Grove
  • Potter County Detention Center
  • Franklin County Detention Center
Virginia Facilities:
  • Powhatan Correctional Center
  • Rappahannock Regional Jail
  • Stafford Regional Jail
  • James River Correctional Center
  • Arlington County Detention Center
  • Buckingham Correctional Institution
  • Dillwyn Correctional Center
  • Clark-Frederick-Winchester Regional County Detention Center
  • Loudoun County Detention Center
  • Mecklinburg Detention Center
West Virginia Facilities:
  • Martinsburg Correctional Center
New Jersey Facilities:
  • Burlington County DOC
  • Paterson Public Safety Complex
New York Facilities:
  • Goshen County Detention Center
Kentucky Facilities:
  • Jefferson County Jail
Florida Facilities:
  • Tomoka Correctional Institution

Provided Warranty Service for Southern Steel Company, San Antonio, Texas

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